100 Days of Wool Texture

100 Days of Wool Texture

I have been yearning for a new 100 days project, so I’ve come up with one that excites me, but is manageable. I’m going to do some simple wool appliqué, paired with running stitch embroidery. I’ll work on my project over 100 days, ending with a stack of 100 - 6” blocks. I am calling it 100 Days of Wool Texture. 

100 days from today is September 18th. None of these dates (starting or finishing) have any significance, other than I want to start now. This is the simple block I’m working with. 

As you can see, it is very simple. I’ve got two 1” x 3” rectangles, combined with one 1” square. Then I plan to do a group of running stitches. I'm excited to play with transparency in the felt colors. 

I’ve done one block already, and it is every bit as good as I had hoped for. I am looking forward to starting this project. 

Would you like to play along? Here is what you need to get started.


3 ¼ yards Essex Linen Blend

Wool - 5 of Sue Spargos’s 1/64 bundles, which include 6 pieces that measure 7” x 4.5”. (I started with 3 in my videos, because math is hard). 

Threads - I’ve got an assortment of Aurifil 50 weight threads for appliqué and Sue Spargo’s Autumn Peach bundle of Ellana wools. I may run out of wool threads, but I can order more if I need them. I don’t know what to expect from the wool thread as far as coverage. 

Needles - I like to use a small needle for appliqué, and a milliner’s #3 for embroidery. 


Cut 100 - 6.5” squares from your background fabric. 

From each 4.5” x 7” wool cut

  • 7 - 1” x 3” rectangle
  • 7 - 1” square

Gather your supplies, along with a few pins and sharp scissors, and let’s get started! 

Follow our Instagram feed for video demonstrations on gathering supplies, how to cut your wools, and how I gather my supplies for an on-the-go project like this one. If you decide to play along, please tag @Threadsomepatterns and use #100dayswooltexture  

Want a pdf version of the block pattern?  You can find it here

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