Introducing Agnes Alphabet!

Introducing Agnes Alphabet!

We are so pleased with our newest pattern - Agnes Alphabet! This one has been in the works since we started. it took a long time to get to, but has been worth the wait.

 Agnes Alphabet by Threadsome Patterns

The print pattern includes letters, numbers, symbols, embroidery patterns and instructions to make your very own 4" tall stuffed letters. It also contains a link to download letters in 2" and 5" sizes as well. The PDF contains all 3 sizes. 

Ivete used contrasting thread in perle cotton to assemble the cover letters. Aren't they adorable? 

I used Efina 60 weight cotton to assemble mine. I love that they look so different! 

I think they would make perfect personalized holiday ornaments, or even keepsake gift tags. 

But wait, there is more. In the run up to QuiltCon, we decided that there needed to be some more projects using the letters in different ways. Not everyone is going to want to do 3-d letter ornaments. What if we blew the letter up to 5" tall, and used it as a monogram on a tote bag? 

Tote Bag using Agnes Alphabet


What if we shrank it down to 2" tall and used it for wool appliqué? 

Stitch Sleep Repeat with Agnes Alphabet


Of course, now I want to do all the things with these letters. This is the nice part about understanding lots of different quilting techniques. You can use the letters for raw-edge fusible appliqué and machine stitch them down. You could add a seam allowance and do needle-turn with them. Or you could do that fancy business where you stitch it to some interfacing, then turn it right side out and stitch down the turned edges. The possibilities are endless. 

Whatever you decide to make with Agnes, have fun! Then take a photo and tag us on social media - we want to see what you are making! 

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